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If you are in the market to buy an automobile, call me. I can find any type of car or truck for a good price.  With over  45 years' experience as an auto mechanic, I can find you a car that will suit your needs exactly.  I shop the dealer-only auctions locally and across the country to locate that "perfect" car or truck.
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More used Car / Motorhome/Boat Values

Autocheck Vehicle history report  Similar to Carfax

Use this link for National vehicle history information: Same as Carfax only Cheaper

Check for Smog History

Click Here to Find Factory recalls on your vehicle

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Remember, whenever you buy a car, add about 11-15% for tax & license. This applies whether you buy from a dealer or private party.

When you sell a car, get the full name, address, and driver's license # of the buyer.
Fill in the upper portion of the title & send it to DMV.
You are responsible for the vehicle until title is transferred.
Save the buyers information until you are certain that title has been transferred.

Spend the money to have a mechanic evaluate the car that you wish to purchase. You will save money in the long run if you have an expert opinion before you buy.

Be careful when buying a car with a "salvage" title.  A salvage title can reduce the value of any car by about 50% or more. Do you have questions that you need answers to?